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Shelter 2009 ... ferrocement.com

Antoon Versteegde


Bamboo Skeleton House


September, 2009

Background : Antoon Versteegde and Garrett Connelly discovered each other's work and formed a consortium at the Innovative Shelter Symposium sponsored by the Red Cross and others, October, 2007, at the Eindhoven Technical University.

We have maintained collaboration between our locations in North America and Europe and expanded our contacts with those who are aware that a sustainable human culture includes shelter, clean air and water, sanitation, health, education, as-well-as liberty and justice for all; where all includes everything that lives and will live. Many stand ready to collaborate.

Our two proposals at the Innovative Shelter Symposium involved communication and construction. self-sheltering.org became the start of our mutual communication aspect. Antoon's first bamboo frame house and our presentations are on that website, use back button to return here.

Antoon's work as a bamboo artist clearly illustrates a scale suitable for hospitals and schools.

The following pictures are fom Antoon's more complete pixagogo presentation

Shelter 2009 ... ferrocement.com