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Tips for DrawAndSend

New Curve: This can create a tangle of curves when one or both ends of a new curve touches the end of an existing curve. Click on the most obvious control point in the center of the tangle.

Notation Mode: The form for entering textual information is an applet. It does not accept altered methods of information input. Either complete the form or cancel, failure to do this can make it necessary to restart DrawFreehand.

Send: DrawAndSend is the default recipient on the email form used by the "send" button. To email your work, delete DrawAndSend...com, or add a space and then other email addresses, separated by spaces. Please delete DrawAndSend...com unless there is a reason to send your work to this website.

Email progressive stages of your work to preserve different versions and to provide backup.

Login: The log in button is simply a method of background control. It is a limited area for development and professional design discussion. The log in area has the exact same tools as can be used from this page. Incorrect use of this button can also cause minor problems and a lost drawing.

Browser Note: If the DrawFreehand tool freezes, the browser itself can crash. Restart and clear the cache. This tool is very lean. Tool anamolies usually result from doing something out of order (see Notation Mode).