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ferrocement.com was invited to send a delegate to the tenth symposium on ferrocement, in Havana, Cuba. This section is from the dual perspective of the eco-sociologist and ferrocement practitioner who went to listen and learn. Each perspective will be reported separately, as much as possible. Additional languages will be added, if requested.

It was pleasing for me to discover that ferrocement has become a subject of the highest academic sciences, world-wide. Importantly, this new ascendence did not displace ferrocement as an artistic and structural media of the people, with continuous roots to the ancient days of mud and wattle.

Some subjects were missed, for example, when I left briefly to purchase additional memory for the camera. Here the sociologist went to work and was able to find a camera store, purchase a memory chip, and return, within one-half hour ... assisted by a keen young taxi driver with a mint condition 1954 Chevy. All delegates are invited to share additional material. Email contact

This photo journalist, Garrett Connelly, enjoyed three days at Ferro 10, one half day at the international course of ferrocement and four days walking the streets of the neighborhoods, as a sociologist. I learned much from all these facets of my visit to Cuba, a country that now lives in my heart as a civilization exemplar.

Continue Ferro-10 Symposium