Biological fiber roofs
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George Nez, roof system, page 2

Here we see fiberglass stretched tought across the frame. Notice how the cloth bolts unroll and stretch from a rafter angle to a horizontal eve line, this transition is what imparts the parabolic, wave-shape curve which extends from the corner to the peak yet flattens to a staight line following the rafter to the peak.

Although three of these frames are showing a crane to lift the finished roof section, this mechanical boost is not necessary and the ability to make a roof while standing on the ground and to use simple manual tools available anywhere on the planet is a positive and important aspect of the hyper parabolic roof system which George Nez has developed and kindly offered to the world.

The acoustic property of spreading sound outward rather than focusing it like a dome is ideal for the school in Afghanistan which is pictured top right.

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