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Scaleable truss and frame bamboo/fabric shelter - Space-age mud and wattle

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The framing layout here is similar to the way lumber framing is done, except for the spacing, which does not need to be specifically measured for standard components. Straight and dry saplings can be substituted for the bamboo.

The blue work surfaces are laid flat here because the ground is irregular, they would have been a more comfortable height turned upward.

If many shelters are required in a short period of time, parallel bamboo or sapling rails at comfortabe work height are easily substituted for these plywood work surfaces. Short pieces of scrap lashed to the top of the parallel rails will provide a position to lay each vertical and assemble the wall frame without need to measure position for each frame piece. The word for a holder to position and hold individual pieces for assembly is, jig.

This end wall has a central doorway and two windows, it fits inside the side walls, as shown below.

Example ferrocement water tank armature, with temporary construction portal, background, right.

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