continue rain gutter example

Start with three cups of screened cement and 1/2 Liter of acrylic admix. (3 cups = 1.5 lbs. = 0,68 kg)

The first layer is complete with 140 ml of acrylic admix remaining. Cement and acrylic were applied to one one side only on the first layer. It was done this way because this procedure leaves a puddle of remaining liquid on a flat work bench when single layers are thoroughly saturated and prepared for other aplications.

The second fabric layer is ready for treatment.

Begin second layer with 3.3 cups of screened cement and 1/2 liter of acrylic admix. (One Liter = 1.06 quarts, 1/2 Liter = 1.03 pints).

Apply fresh material to first fabric layer and one side of second layer. Perhaps a wider board would be an improvement on the technique; wide enough so the entire inside surface of the second layer could be completed before folding it onto the mold.

Place the second layer in position and apply slurry of cement and acrylic; only as far as shown in the photo above; a little over the apex of the arc, more or less.

continue rain gutter example