Ferro Cement Boats receives many inquiries about boats. Most ferro applications are on land.
This aquatic section is mainly a link service for mariner communications. It will expand over the years.

Ferrocement boats are not an easy call.

How old is the boat?
Pound a few holes in it to see if the steel is still there. Hire a good boat surveyor.

Plan to build one?
Great for barges and work boats, even sail boats (if you are an accomplished cement finisher).
The finish work begins with the steel.

Ferro cement boats are very good: Strong, and low maintenance on the basic boat. contains information about ferro cement as a material, this should be
helpful to the ferro cement boater. Consider building a water tank first.

Ferro Cement Boat Resources... Suggest a ferro boat link

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Ferro Boat Owner's Association
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Official Americas Cup Site
Navigation, etc
Peter's Sailing Page (Around the World in a home-built ferrocement boat)
Ramprasad's sailing adventure includes finding and putting a partially built ferro hull to sea.

Note: has somehow lost contact with the wonderful Danish ferro boat site. Please get in touch for this list. The great photos definitely transcend any language barriers!

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