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Ferrocement construction is a commencement point for economic reasoning because shelter for sleeping and living is a human necessity as basic as air for breathing and water for drinking. Ferrocement shelter pays for itself more than once per generation. Reduced maintenance and insurance expenses are the two primary reasons. Also, design freedom contributes to energy saving designs; for example, roof and wall curves which match solar seasons and daily path.

Cost projections from prior constructions as well as experimental work at ferrocement.com have provided fresh ways to view macroeconomics. In a nutshell: Externalized profits are the best green litmus test for sustainability available. Externalized profits define the economics of sustainable socioeconomic structures. Externalized profits from ferrocement are extensive and are available as real collateral. Removal of stress on forests for lumber to provide shelter is the first in a large index for analysis and discussion, this topic is especially important when considering funding for self-sheltering using biological fiber composites.

Reduction of firewood forest stress easily pays for solar hot air to warm cold winter days, further reducing forest stress. Composting ferrocement toilets reduce water use, provide soil nutrients, and can be used to generate methane gas for cooking, further reducing forest depletion. Use of available free cold to store food opens intellectual vistas which will never become obsolete. Externalized profits of ancient bacteria created the atmosphere as we know it. Will humans, a swarming synergistic sea of symbiotic bacteria, learn to use external profits and adapt as well as their ancient brethren?

Note: All verbal spice is pure Hollywood and is included for flavor only. The term consumer society translates to burp in most non-verbal animal languages, for example.

Notes of a slightly more serious nature involves collapsed corporate consumerism: shelter became a profit center in the old way for those who had insufficient imagination and excess money. There is no basis of economic principles which require that necessities such as shelter, sanitation, clean air and water, or even health should be part of the private enterprise, for profit system.

A Green Litmus with externalized profits added to life's stream is pronounced, "Aah."

Ferrocement housing which pays for itself leads one to examine and then reject macro-economic theory as it is most usually practiced and taught, indeed, this includes most economic theory, everywhere. Even so, there is a growing number of clear thinkers who understand that thermodynamics and distributional justice are fundamental to sustainability, for them, the trail to an economic system that grows in quality rather than quantity is long-sought, sometimes impatiently.


Economic analysis used here does not begin with a supporting conclusion which works backwards to describe the workings of a popular paradigm, rather, the logical framework builds upon two notions; (1) humanity is very recently evolved from the cave to modernity and (2) what has been discussed as rational in previous economic texts is a sometimes mathematically complex description of what any animal does as it forages to fill its stomach, before gaining a satiated rest status, so sadly denied to human consumers.

Fun is central to sustainability. Nobody likes to be told what to do and everybody likes a level playing field. This is as innocent and wholesome as any neutral starting place to open a planet-wide constitutional composition that can be envisioned. This website has a functioning forum which can be indexed and turned on at any time.

To be continued, see externalized profits and green litmus.

Glossary of Terms

Balanced Budget : A difficult subject to discuss if one insists on calling blue blue and red red.

Believe it ; longevity is a big part of free-form ferrocement. Time brings many people across the threshold of all ferrocement creations. Ferrocement builders are aware that their creations will remain long after most nations are history.

Economics : the dismal science now suggests imminent catastrophe, mass creature extinction from global climate collapse is assumed to include humans. Though consensus like this is perhaps closer to dire than dismal, it clearly indicates the clash between ferrocement builders and a way of life which promotes consuming as much as possible before the planet becomes barren, and calling it growth.

Externalized Profits : Positive socioeconomic events which are realized by the entire biosphere before the entrepreneur can capture or even notice them as positive value.

Deficit Spending : Analogous to stealing candy from children. Deficit spending is an almost impossible concept to discuss politely among those who support it. How does one talk to someone who supports stealing money from children? Better to do something else, make some externalized profits.

Eco Monetary Unit : A unit of currency fully based within the metric system. One eco monetary unit equals one kilocalorie which equals 1000 calories. Olden days people were able to throttle down the accretion of wealth to royalty and central governments by imposing the metric system. Recent research revealed that ecological monetary units were vetoed by the king of misery, in about umpteen ott five.

Econ 3 : Economics Omega Three takes its name from analyzing infinite beings attempting to genetically alter pork and chickens so that they will produce about sixty percent of the Omega Three nutrient found in wild fish, walnuts and eggs raised by mortals in a healthy environment.

Though mortals often produce at a slightly higher price, the price differential is usually offset by reductions in crime and environmental repair costs attributable to concentrated farm ownership by immortal corporations. Recent research reports most of the salmon that die before they return to spawn are killed from the complications of lice caught as new hatchlings pass by corporate salmon farms on their way to the open sea, for example.

Recent research also reveals that coastal erosion control provided by mangrove forests removed for shrimp farming is worth 1.7 times the gross value of the shrimp produced.

Example subsidies, deficits and Econ 3 : Wild fish are cheaper to preserve for a sustainable free market fishing fleet than subsidies paid to unsustainable factory fishing. See Plan B 3.0, Lester Brown

Mathematical Absurdity : Attempting to fit even one infinite being on a finite planet is the primary mathematical absurdity used here. Division by zero is also a mathematical absurdity. Economic and Social Absurdity is clearly exhibited by busily building infinite beings which are designed to pillage the planet for profit.

Monetary Reform : The act of bringing currency into compliance with the metric system. One ecologically and socially sound monetary unit equals one kilocalorie.