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8-1-2011 Pentathalon house design contest The Bolivian proposition below leads to a very interesting contest to create a housing model that will eradicate poverty.

7-31-2011 Bolivian Proposition Post industrial civilization based on idigenous culture, a gift from the heart of South America that will heal the planet.

6-20-2011 Real democracy Modern and fully functional democracy is organic.

6-12-2011 Unemployed youth A modern labor theory of value is developing, it points toward solution of unemployment.

6-5-2011-Entropy Economics without Math : Muse from sources of social income for investment in shelter, sanitation and water.

5-24-2011-Heracles Pillars of Heracles : A bridge of Ideas across the Straits of Gibralter, proposal from ferrocement.com

5-14-2011-Medicare Medicare for all strengthens the life and culture of civilization.

5-1-2011-Economic reality Is there intelligent life in the theoretical horizon of economists? by Ladislau Dowbor, translated from Portuguese

global warming surf poster from ferrocement.com graphics

Business model ferrocement

Green Litmus Test
Externalized profits indicate sustainability

Ferrocement housing and economic analysis

Reservoir materials list
materials list for various tank sizes

Shelter and Sustainability
Shelter, Sustainability and the Rural Poor
Poverty and Peace

Prof. Mohan Munasinghe is Vice Chair, UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Geneva; Chief Energy Advisor to the Govt. of Sri Lanka; and until 2002, he served in the World Bank as Senior Advisor on Sustainable Development.