Biological fiber roofs
Muslin joint wraps
Shelter-2009 ... Bamboo frame

New kitchen

New structure for replacement of an old kitchen by a Colorado NGO known as Birambye, meaning sustainability - it is a bootstrap funding operation, the team leader is an engineer from Denver, Mark Reiner. On this second trip to Rwanda, just two of them were supported to go and build this first building. Their co-sponsor is the GSSA - genocide survivor student's association of Rwanda, which has no money but a lot of eager learners.

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George Nez is a long time builder and researcher of hyperbolic parabaloid roofs using fiberglass, burlap, acrylic, and cement on a wood frame, he trained the Rwandans and team leaders to build using this technology. Ferrocement.com is pleased to have been recognized by George for developinging and sharing the bamboo joint technique and use of muslin and burlap. This kitchen roof membrane utilizes poultry netting above one layer of muslin or burlap as both rip-stop and reinforcement, its pattern can be seen in subsequent photos. The apparent thickness at the roof edge is where fabric and wire wrap around large bamboo frame poles.