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Scaleable truss and frame bamboo/fabric shelter - Space-age mud and wattle

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The focus leading to here has been components of structure, now we assemble a few of the parts. Let us also search within this technology as economists, the search here is for a possible culture where shelter is considered as a life necessity equal with health, education, clean air, clean water, clean dirt, food, freedom, fun, friends, family, and biodiversity sufficient to maintain a viable planetary gene pool.

These are small but functional shelters which would be appreciated in developing economies now, and most everywhere in a future when clean air and water may once again become pure and necessary gifts to all life, free, from Earth to her inhabitants. Development growth is accompanied by increased cement manufacture, which is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas CO2 pollution.* Technology using thin cement membranes which replace forest harvest of lumber and massive concrete volumes is a positive development vector that will relieve stress on the environment.

Although this shelter is small, the children have separate rooms, with study desks.

The doorway outward is between the children's rooms. There is a small window space above each desk.

Daughter lives in one bedroom, she hopes to be the first woman medical doctor in the entire history of her culture. Son has the other room, he is studying astrophysics, specializing in evolution of stars and galaxies.

Slide the bamboo to the measuring stop.

Cut to measured length, about one minute per cut. Anton Versteegde has a special saw that cuts a bundle almost the size of these twenty-eight vertical stud cuts, in about one minute.

Attach studs to top and bottom pieces. Although fifty centimeters is probably a good standard minimum, for small diameter bamboo, these are spaced at 24" = 61 centimeters. This is one method for testing structural strength as a work space, if 60 centimeter spacing is sufficient, 50 cm (19 5/8") will be at least equally safe to work on.

Muslin saturated with cement and acrylic will cover this temporary tape joint as construction proceeds.

These are the outer walls which the end walls fit into. Length of side wall is 2.5 Meters, it could be extended to five or even ten Meters, toward the tree line. Extension of the side walls has no structural limit if inner walls buttress frequently. The truss design used here should be field tested for worker safety again if spans are above five Meters (16.4').

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* See, for example, Geopolymer Chemistry & Applications, Joseph Davidovits, pp. 501, for brief and straight forward discussion of cement production trends in China, India and Mexico, in relation to the prospect of Kyoto style emission control acceptance by developing economies.

** Eight percent of farms with sales over $250,000 account for 76 percent of total farm production sales. 65% of farms with sales over $1 million received U.S. subsidies, forty percent of farms under $250,000 received subsidies. US Department of Agriculture figures reported in Boston Globe 5-26-09, p. A10

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