Scaleable truss and frame bamboo/fabric shelter - Space-age mud and wattle

Permanent Joint Bindings

Muslin cloth strips are 3 x 55 centimeters (1.2 x 22"). Strips this size are beyond human strength to simply pull apart and break. The binding agent used here is ceramic base concrete, also known as ceramicrete, a phosphate binder MgKPO4. This binder cures quickly and there is a supply of it on hand here at ferrocement.com, surplus from a previous test to simulate making wrap joints in colder regions, such as inland Pakistan.

Standard cement mixed with acrylic is better to use when assembly is done with a jig. Muslin strips soaked with non-toxic water repellent carpenter's glue also works very well for joint wraps, as with cement and acrylic, a jig is required to hold the assembly still for a day. Stage props are often made with glue and muslin, people with stage prop experience will be good on the job for assembling structural panels. Non-toxic, water repellent glue is non-toxic and pleasant to work with, if it is the brand which simply says, “non-toxic,” and does not display U.S. code numbers. The brand with U.S. code numbers preceding “non-toxic” and a label proclaiming that it is “America’s Favorite,” is pungent to the nose with vapors that eventually irritate the eyes.

Average human strength cannot break these wrap joints, regardless of which binder is selected. Wrap joints like these are so strong they feel as if the bamboo grew this way. Strength of the joints is reminiscent of welding steel. The 5Ę wrap joint looks like grey cloth but is in fact concrete; well reinforced concrete, approaching ideal maximum.

Cured bamboo often utilizes plain rinse, borax or chikusaku-eki, a by product of bamboo charcoal manufacture, these will be referenced and experimented with as time permits. Please contact ferrocement.com and share environmentally benign bamboo cure information and experience. Locust poles grown as a row crop should prove superior to bamboo in some regions, especially if the rot resistant longevity of mature black locust wood is present in a five to eight year-old sapling.

Cross bracing wraps are as easy as any other wrap. The rectangle in the plane of the wall panel is a vent inlet.

Another example: substitute split wood lath and poles for the armature. This shelter withstood a hurricane, notice new repairs to thatch roof and wood slats, front and left. Although Space-age mud and wattle is scaleable with regard to both size and strength, it would not be wise to seek safety from hurricane driven waves in the lighter example shelter.

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