Scaleable truss and frame bamboo/fabric shelter - Space-age mud and wattle

Frame Assembly - Roof

The first cross piece is positioned to extend the wall line upward. Vents may be placed here to let cool air enter as hot air escapes through an exit at the peak. A ceiling connected to the bottom chord of the truss will help isolate the lower living area from roof heat, which must be continuously vented to provide living comfort.

Three Meter cross pieces (10') are called purlins.

More foundation bracing needed, notice lower horizontal bend.

The roof plane is given final definition with addition of bamboo facia to the perimeter overhangs. 114 poles have been used, 10' each, 3 Meters. 68 walls + 14 purlins and facia + 32 in old trusses = 114 total. (12.5' bamboo/ sq ft ... 16 M bamboo per square Meter)

A light foundation cost and standard finishing cost are included in the estimated Euro 1,790 cost (Sept/Oct, 2009), for a 4 x 6 Meter space-age mud and wattle shell = 74.50 / square Meter = R$ 194.34 = 9,699 and 741.741 CNY. $2,600 for 258 square feet = $10.10/ square foot = 111.55 Yuan per sq ft. Very low cost shelter. Material costs are computed retail and do not include savings a committed civil society would generate using negotiated group purchasing power. Work sheets for cost estimation are available by writing to contact@ferrocement.com ... Additional foundation expense and larger overhangs to protect the union of foundation and structure will be more than offset by quantity purchase savings.

Do not landscape shelter perimeter, maintain it clean and dry. Perhaps your grandchildren will live here.

Small homes like this are needed by billions who have been displaced and denied dignity by the culture of corporatist consumerism. Freely available bamboo was derided by corporatist propaganda exactly as mother's milk was propagandized against in favor of factory formula fed to children via polluted plastic nipples. Times have changed. Now the entire planet has been poisoned and polluted by insatiable hunger for money and power attempting to grow faster and faster forever on our beautiful but finite planet. Hopefully here, there and most everywhere small civil societies will arise and establish justice, freedom and democracy, like birdsong with the dawn. Perhaps small civil societies, linked by modern communications, will learn to avoid the consumerism and accompanying continuous war of corporatist lobby governments. If we are smart we will learn to build shelters like these in order to fulfill necessities of life, and, at the same time, shelter human seed for a second bloom, after a frighteningly foolish self-inflicted armageddon of pollution created by corporatist consumerism.

Modern economics is in tune with physics, cosmology and environmental accounting that examines all expenses and tallies an Earth Balance. Infinite possible discriptions of human experience potential indicates the kind of information flow questions associated with the entropy and gravity of the cosmos is exactly analogous to the needed information that remains bound away within the entanglement of human necessities with sustainability, justice, poverty, and peace. Too many billions of imaginations are chained away from contributing to human growth. Shelter, water, sanitation, school rooms, health clinics; all of these are needed and do not cost as much as war.

Seen nearby ... illustrates one way sapling wood can replace bamboo as the armature for space-age mud and wattle.