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listed artifacts

Presented as sequential photographic explanations by Garrett Connelly, ferrocement production manager and website caretaker.

Wicker Chair Conversion Comfortable monument for the garden.

Flower pot 1.0 meter. Security barrier strength.

Flower pot 0.75 meter. Architectural shapes and strength.

Bird bath Greenfield Center School

Fountain Sculpture

Steel Armature Osprey catching a fish illustrates how a design can be faithfully accomplished.

Plaster application

Plumbing and test the fountain with water.

Human shape Armature

Earth filled table for planting 1 x 1.6 meters - for flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Structural design elements Graphics presented and drawn by Garrett Connelly.

Various structures built by Garrett Connelly and associates.

Example structure construction presented in series.

Security barrier options Comparison to White House planters