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Fountain Sculpture: Oprey catching fish - Plumbing

This is a test of water volume and pump power. The sculpture was placed and leveled before attachment of pipes and tubing. The gasoline pump shown is classified as 200 liters per minute , (an adaquate minimum). (50 - 60 gpm).

The pipe shown here is 2.5 cm pvc (1"), with holes drilled in it. Water level is slightly more than 3 cm above the pipe. A garden hose is filling the test basin through the main fountain spray area. The pipe sections are attach with a union so they can be removed and cleaned.

Two half inch flexible tubes carry water to the flat areas extending from the fish gills, above the sculptured impact splash. Two 5/8 inch tubing exit at flat areas, midfish, and two three quarter inch tubes fill a basin midfish. Theses tubes should each have a valve. All six tubes share one valve in this test, clamps were used to pinch the tubes and control flow.

The main lesson here for the ferrocement sculpture interested in fountains is the power requirements involved. The moment of impact when the raptor captures the fish is greater than eight horsepower; when working with gasoline, plastic, and concrete.