Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Fiber from the farm helps create sustainable culture and ecological economics,
it contributes to equity and justice in many ways.

Shelter 2010 ... ferrocement.com test shelter completed to rough plaster

Shelter 2009 ... framing the ferrocement.com test shelter ... Space-age mud and wattle
bamboo, muslin, acrylic and cement
Roof measurement : 3 Meter length = 10' x 4 M width = 13'
Wall height : 2.5 Meter = 8.2 ft

Bamboo Engineering - U.S. Navy ... Substitution of bamboo for steel in girders, columns and slabs

Joint wraps ... fabric and cement or glue joint wraps for bamboo and sapling pole framing (5 joint wrap)

Bamboo frame ... Antoon Versteegde's bamboo house frame #2, 2009

Center for Rural Development and Technology ... Indian Institute of Technology
Experimental verification of bamboo-composite bow beam with ferrocement band.

Compost Toilet ... Sanitary flycatcher ... zero pollution converts waste to wealth

ferrocement.com Roof Laboratory
example roofs of farmed fiber and portland cement

Cracking vs. Fiber spacing
Engineer's graph

Birambye ... A Colorado based NGO builds a biological fiber and bamboo kitchen in Rwanda

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
abstract of report on flax fiber in concrete

heat bending bamboo
photo of simple dry-heat bends

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